What is a landing page and do I need one?

Landing pages are probably one of the least understood marketing tools in the realm of digital advertising. Now, you might be thinking; I know what a landing page is, it's the page a user lands on after they click on an ad.

If only it were that simple.

Think about this scenario: You're searching online for some fancy blue sweatpants. You come across a link that says "Buy these amazing fancy blue sweatpants", you click on it only to be taken to a homepage of a website that sells "fancy colourful sportswear". Huh? Where are the blue sweatpants?

Well, Fancy Colourful Sportswear just lost itself a customer, because you're not going to navigate their website looking for your blue sweatpants. You've got thirty other tabs open that need your attention.

This is the landscape we live in, and as a business you really want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to buy from you.

A landing page should always reflect the intent of the visitor. If you're running ads, don't take your visitors to your homepage. Take them to a page that will get them to convert. 

A landing page is designed to get a visitor to perform an action; like entering their email address or purchasing your product, therefore it needs persuasive copy, and a clear direction (e.g. download my eBook, take my marketing course). There should be no confusion whatsoever on the part of your visitor. In my experience, this is where a lot of businesses could be doing better.

As for the question "do I need one?" I'd say yes, if you're running any advertising, a well designed and copywritten landing page is essential. You'll need one if you're:

  • Trying to grow your email list
  • Trying to increase conversions
  • Selling a product or service
  • Selling a course or eBook

You might think you need a developer to create a landing page for your website, but these days you can actually do it yourself even without any coding knowledge. There are a number of landing page builders on the market, including Instapage, LeadPages, Unbounce, GetResponse and so many others. A landing page builder allows you to create your landing page using templates and you can perform A/B testing easily. Everything is managed through your dashboard, where you can see your analytics and conversion data. I use Instapage when creating landing pages for clients and for myself - it's very easy to use and they have a large library of resources to help you.

I hope this post helped you figure out if landing pages are needed for your business! Don't forget to keep an eye out on the blog for more information about landing pages and how to improve your conversions.

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