What is link building?

Link building is an SEO strategy designed to increase inbound links to your website. This means, another website has added a link back to your website, effectively promoting it.

Why is this important?

Search engines like Google use links to determine the quality of a website. They suspect a website which has a lot of good links is reliable and will give it more of a chance in the search results.

However, it's not as simple as "having lots of links" it's about having the right links. Links from authoritative websites. 

The line between digital and traditional PR is blurring. While helping to boost SEO, link building can have other positive effects. A link from the right source can generate a lot of leads to your website in a short amount of time. Think of it like if Kylie Jenner all of a sudden re-tweeted you. Can you imagine what that might do to your follower count?

Of course, not all links can do that. But working together, they can improve your SEO and maybe even get you closer to spot number one.