Why YouTube can be a great platform for fast exposure

Today I am going to be talking about why I believe YouTube is one of the best (if not the best) platforms to spread your message as a content creator. I say 'content creator' because that's what you want to be on YouTube - you can't be a boring old brand and expect views/ engagement!

Let me preface this by saying: what works for some might not work for others. Every social media platform has its benefits and might work better for your business. I'm sharing my views (no pun intended!) as a user and an observer. So here's why you might want to consider YouTube as a source of high quality traffic:

It's an existing marketplace

If you decide to set up a company blog, publishing content is only half the battle. You need to then market your blog and make it visible to your audience. If you create a YouTube account and start making videos, the traffic becomes less of an issue. Optimising your titles and making them search friendly is another story, but for the most part it's very simple to get views on YouTube if you create interesting content that people want to see. The YouTube algorithm is also kind to new content creators, and will feature new videos that are gaining traction alongside other popular videos.

It's where the kids are

So your target audience might not be kids, but it's good to be aware of emerging trends! Also, remember when Commonwealth Bank had the Dollarmites Club? Dollarmites was a clever way to get children to become acquainted with Commonwealth Bank and stay loyal customers into adulthood. The next generation of kids and teens are on YouTube more than they are on places like Facebook or Instagram. I think for a lot of marketers, those platforms can be quite limited and difficult to gain traction with. Though YouTube is a bigger beast, it also has a bigger payout if you get it right.

You can get views

As I mentioned, the YouTube algorithm doesn't just favour popular personalities, it allows the newbies to shine too. If you tag your videos consistently and take care in titling them, you'll soon start appearing beside other more popular videos that your audience are interested in. YouTube suggests content to audiences based on their watch history, so you might want to think about what your audience would be watching (it doesn't have to relate to your product or niche at all). For example, book lovers may also watch home decor videos... because they spend a lot of time at home (just a guess, but also – I love home decor videos ;).

It's not a lazy man's game

You might be able to get by on a couple of repurposed Facebook posts a week, but YouTube requires a lot of time, dedication and energy to be executed well. If you decide to go the YouTube route, be aware that it's not an easy one! It's important to do research, learn what content your audience wants, create it and optimise the heck out of your channel and videos. Your customers will be more likely to trust you if they can engage with your brand in a visual way (such as through video).

I think marketers need to rethink YouTube and start creating some more great content that inspires, motivates and entertains their audience.