How to strengthen your case studies and get donors on your side

You probably already know that a case study is a great way for a charity to establish an emotional connection with potential donors. But not all case studies are created equal — an effective case study needs to make your audience feel something, and tie your organisation to a tangible outcome.

Great case studies are made, not born. Here are a few tips to get you thinking:

Dire straits

Aim to tell a story. Someone needs help, who are they? What problems do they face? e.g. "Lisa had just enough money to get her son Noah a pair of school shoes."

Actions taken

What actions are taken to help your subject? e.g. a scholarship or rehabilitation program.

Positive outcomes

What was the result of your charity's intervention? e.g. "through the scholarship program, Noah was able to purchase his school books".

Tie in with your organisation

Always end on a positive note, and mention your organisation at the end. e.g. "with the support of incredible people like you, Child Save are able to help kids like Noah and mums who are doing it tough."

And there you have it! This is a very simple structure that should get you thinking about how to formulate your case studies.