Why work with me?

I am an experienced writer and content specialist, having worked with brands within an agency environment and in-house as a copywriter and content coordinator.

I've been writing professionally for the web since 2011, and over the years I have learned what gets the best results.

My favourite type of writing is conversion-based copy and SEO-optimised blog posts because I enjoy seeing the results they can bring.

Every article I write has a purpose, whether it’s to inform, persuade or simply entertain readers so they get a better sense of your brand while also having their query answered.

My goal is to get your blog post visible in search engines—not by millions of random people, but by the right people. The ones who are most likely to engage with your business and become customers.

I know how important this is to your business. You don’t want to waste time and money on blogging if it’s not going to bring results. Traffic is only valuable to you if it eventually leads to sales, subscribers or customers.

Getting the top result in a search engine like Google can be a challenge, especially if you’re trying to rank for competitive keywords.

A blog post can be a great way to not only rank for long-tail keywords, but also boost your authority and start competing for more challenging keywords in the future.

Did you know that just one amazing blog post can be responsible for hundreds, if not thousands of leads if it ranks on the first page of Google? And you won’t need to pay for the traffic it generates like you would for an ad listing.

A blog post is not an advertisement for your business, but it is a great way to gain exposure, connect with your audience and is the most cost effective way to get your website to rank in search engines.

Hiring a content writer is an investment, not an expense

You will make your money back and more if you choose the right person to write for your business. I enjoy working with clients who understand this and are willing to put their trust in me.

I have a portfolio of successful work, and a number of my articles feature on the first page of Google for highly searched keywords. Here are a couple of my most popular articles:

Career opportunities in business management for Upskilled ranking #1 with a featured snippet.

Google ranking

How to become a farmer for Open Colleges ranking #2

Google ranking

Professional development for Open Colleges1900 searches per month, ranking #6

Google ranking

Do you want your blog articles to feature on the first page of Google like these?

I can help you build your blog by creating engaging articles that are SEO-optimised and 100% audience-focused.

I care more about readers than I do about search engines but I also know that search engine traffic is incredibly valuable, which is why I do query-based keyword optimisation.

Get in touch today to learn more about how content marketing, blogging and SEO can help your business - and talk to me about writing for your blog!